Coloring of Haneda Airport and airplane [Coloring sheets 20002]

Planes parked at Haneda Airport in coloring pages

colorsheeテ Haneda Airport and airplane coloring book 20002 finished image
(Final image)

This coloring is a coloring book of planes parked at Haneda Airport for the next flight.

Anyone who likes vehicles such as airplanes and the airport, it is recommended for the first time like coloring pages.
Both enjoy paint in your favorite color to gray-scale data also look real figure of reference.

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About the size of the coloring pages

About the size of a coloring book to reference below.

< Horizontal coloring pages &gt;

A4: 297 mm x 210 mm heart coloring pages are placed vertically margin State

< Vertical coloring pages &gt;

: A4 210 mm × 297 mm heart coloring pages are placed vertically margin State

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